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A video tutorial on everything Marvelous

General / 30 April 2020


I've just released another video tutorial in my series on digital clothing and this time it's all about Marvelous Designer. The tools, the techniques, the issues and how to solve them. This is one of those tutorials which by teaching you the tools, allows you to begin thinking differently in how you approach your clothing creation and in general broadens and strengthens your confidence in using the program. Plus it's always a fun thing to tell somebody that you are an expert in something. 

The tutorial is suitable for hobbyists and professionals alike. There are almost ten hours of edited video and narration. The more I do these, the better they become. I think even my English is improving now that I can hear myself speak for hours.

Nevertheless, have a look at the trailer and if you like what you see there, pop into my Artstation store to find the tutorial.